In the world of cosmetics, Maybelline is a renowned brand that offers a wide range of products, including mascaras. When it comes to achieving the perfect dramatic eye look, two popular choices from Maybelline stand out: Cosmic Black and Blackest Black. These mascaras promise intense color and voluminous lashes. In this blog post, we will delve into a detailed comparison of Maybelline Cosmic Black and Blackest Black, exploring their difference.

What is the difference Maybelline Cosmic Black and Blackest Black


Maybelline Cosmic Black and Blackest Black both come in sleek, elongated tubes with signature Maybelline branding. The packaging of Cosmic Black features a deep black background with a cosmic-themed design, while Blackest Black showcases a bold, all-black design. Both options are visually appealing, and the choice between them boils down to personal preference.

Formula and Pigmentation:

The formula and pigmentation of a mascara play a crucial role in achieving the desired eye look. Cosmic Black is known for its deep black shade with subtle shimmer particles that give the lashes a multidimensional effect. It is ideal for those seeking a slightly glamorous touch to their eye makeup. On the other hand, Blackest Black offers a rich, ultra-dark shade without any shimmer. It provides a striking, intense black color that defines the lashes with exceptional pigmentation.


The brush or applicator design greatly affects the application and end results. Cosmic Black mascara features a curved brush with densely packed bristles that lift and curl the lashes while providing volume. This design helps create a wide-eyed effect, making it suitable for those with straight or downward-pointing lashes. Blackest Black, however, boasts a straight brush with shorter bristles, enabling precise application and separation of lashes for a more defined, lengthened look.

Lengthening and Volumizing Effect:

When it comes to lengthening and volumizing the lashes, both Cosmic Black and Blackest Black have distinct qualities. Cosmic Black mascara is formulated to give a noticeable boost to lash volume while providing a moderate lengthening effect. The subtle shimmer particles add depth and dimension to the lashes, making them appear fuller. Conversely, Blackest Black is renowned for its ability to deliver exceptional volume and dramatic length. The absence of shimmer allows for a more intense, high-impact finish.

Smudge and Flake Resistance:

Nobody wants a mascara that smudges or flakes throughout the day, ruining their eye makeup. Maybelline mascaras are known for their long-lasting formulas, and both Cosmic Black and Blackest Black offer smudge and flake resistance to varying degrees. Cosmic Black holds up well throughout the day and is less likely to smudge, making it suitable for everyday wear. Blackest Black, with its intense formulation, provides excellent resistance to smudging and flaking, ensuring a clean and polished look that lasts for hours.

Ease of Removal:

Removing mascara at the end of the day should be a hassle-free process. Cosmic Black and Blackest Black can be easily removed with an oil-based makeup remover or micellar water. However, due to its intense pigmentation and long-lasting formula, Blackest Black may require a slightly more thorough removal process.


In the realm of Maybelline mascaras, Cosmic Black and Blackest Black are standout options, each offering distinct features and benefits. Cosmic Black provides a touch of glamour with its deep black shade and subtle shimmer particles, delivering moderate volume and length. On the other hand, Blackest Black excels in providing intense pigmentation, exceptional volume, and dramatic lengthening without compromising on smudge resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which Maybelline mascara is best for a natural everyday look?

For a natural everyday look, Maybelline Cosmic Black is a great choice. Its deep black shade and subtle shimmer particles add a touch of glamour without being too overpowering. It provides moderate volume and length, making it suitable for a more natural, everyday makeup look.

Can I use Maybelline Cosmic Black or Blackest Black if I have sensitive eyes?

Maybelline mascaras are generally safe for sensitive eyes. However, it’s always recommended to check the ingredients list and perform a patch test before applying any new product. If you have particularly sensitive eyes, you may want to opt for a hypoallergenic mascara or consult with a dermatologist or ophthalmologist for personalized advice.

How well do these mascaras hold up against humidity or sweat?

Both Maybelline Cosmic Black and Blackest Black have good longevity and resistance against humidity and sweat. However, Blackest Black, with its intense pigmentation and long-lasting formula, tends to hold up slightly better in such conditions, making it a preferred choice for occasions where you may be exposed to higher levels of moisture or perspiration.

Can these mascaras be layered for a more dramatic effect?

Yes, both mascaras can be layered for a more dramatic effect. You can apply multiple coats to build up volume and length, but it’s important to let each coat dry before applying the next to avoid clumping or a heavy, weighed-down look. Experimenting with the number of coats will help you achieve your desired level of drama and intensity.

Are these mascaras waterproof?

Maybelline Cosmic Black and Blackest Black are not advertised as waterproof mascaras. However, they do offer good resistance to smudging and flaking throughout the day. If you specifically need a waterproof mascara for activities like swimming or tearful occasions, you may want to explore Maybelline’s waterproof mascara range.

Can I use these mascaras with eyelash extensions?

It’s generally not recommended to use mascaras with eyelash extensions, as they can compromise the longevity and integrity of the extensions. However, if you still want to use mascara with your extensions, it’s best to opt for a water-based and lightweight formula and apply it carefully to the tips of your lashes, avoiding the root area.