MAC Cosmetics has been a leader in the beauty industry since the 1990s, offering a wide range of makeup products that blend current trends with glamour. Their commitment to celebrating individuality and expression has made them a favorite among makeup enthusiasts worldwide. One of their iconic lipsticks, Velvet Teddy, has recently undergone a transformation and has been rebranded as Teddy 2.0, sparking a battle of the mattes.

What is Velvet Teddy?

Velvet Teddy, a retro nude shade, has long been beloved by fans of the brand. However, MAC has introduced a new version of this matte lipstick called the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick, with the shade Teddy 2.0. The Powder Kiss Lipsticks, contrary to their name, are formulated to retain moisture on the lips while providing a soft matte finish. This lightweight and comfortable formula allows for buildable coverage, giving you a bold look without sacrificing hydration.

Mac Teddy 2.0 Vs Velvet Teddy

In terms of color, the difference between Velvet Teddy and Teddy 2.0 is subtle. Both shades fall within the deep-tone velvety beige category, but Teddy 2.0 appears slightly darker and more brown-toned, whereas Velvet Teddy has rosy undertones and a slightly cooler, lighter appearance. The variation is minimal, and most people would not notice a difference unless they compared the shades side by side.

One notable distinction between the two lipsticks is the formula. While the original Matte Lipstick line from MAC is rich and pigmented, it can feel slightly chalky over time. In contrast, the Powder Kiss Lipsticks offer a buildable matte finish without compromising on hydration. The Powder Kiss Lipstick Teddy 2.0 provides a more comfortable wear and contains nourishing ingredients, making it a preferable choice for those seeking a comfortable and moisturizing matte lipstick.

Lastly, there is a price difference between the two lipsticks, with the Powder Kiss Lipstick being slightly more expensive. Despite the small price increase, opting for Teddy 2.0 is recommended due to its improved formula and nourishing properties.


Is MAC Velvet Teddy discontinued?

No, MAC Velvet Teddy has not been discontinued. However, it has been rebranded as Teddy 2.0 under the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick line.

What is the difference between MAC Velvet Teddy and Teddy 2.0?

The main difference lies in the formula. Velvet Teddy is part of MAC’s Matte Lipstick line, which offers a rich and pigmented matte finish. Teddy 2.0, on the other hand, is part of the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick line, which provides a soft matte finish with a lightweight and moisturizing formula.

Are MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks drying on the lips?

No, MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks are formulated to retain moisture on the lips, even with a matte finish. They offer a comfortable and hydrating wear compared to traditional matte lipsticks.

Can I still find Velvet Teddy under the Matte Lipstick line?

Yes, Velvet Teddy is still available under the Matte Lipstick line. However, if you prefer a more comfortable and moisturizing formula, you may consider trying Teddy 2.0 from the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick line.

Will the color difference between Velvet Teddy and Teddy 2.0 be noticeable?

The color difference between the two shades is subtle. While Velvet Teddy has rosy undertones and appears slightly cooler and lighter, Teddy 2.0 is slightly darker and has more brown tones. The variation is minimal, and most people would not notice a significant difference unless they compare the shades side by side.

Is Teddy 2.0 suitable for all skin tones?

Both Velvet Teddy and Teddy 2.0 are versatile shades that can work well on various skin tones. However, Teddy 2.0, with its browner undertones, may particularly suit deeper skin tones. It is recommended to try the shades and see which one complements your skin tone and personal preference.

Why is Teddy 2.0 priced higher than Velvet Teddy?

The price difference is likely due to the different formulas used in the Matte Lipstick and Powder Kiss Lipstick lines. The Powder Kiss Lipsticks provide a more comfortable and moisturizing wear, which may be reflected in the slightly higher price.

Can I achieve a bold look with Teddy 2.0?

Yes, you can build up the coverage of Teddy 2.0 to achieve a bold look. The Powder Kiss Lipstick formula allows for layering without sacrificing comfort, so you can customize the intensity of the color according to your preference.

Can I use Teddy 2.0 as an everyday nude lipstick?

Absolutely! Teddy 2.0, with its neutral tones, can be a great everyday nude lipstick choice. Its soft matte finish and moisturizing formula make it comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Where can I purchase MAC Velvet Teddy or Teddy 2.0?

MAC Velvet Teddy and Teddy 2.0 can be purchased at MAC Cosmetics stores, their official website, as well as authorized retailers and beauty counters that carry MAC products.


Te battle of the best matte lipstick between Velvet Teddy and Teddy 2.0 leans in favor of the revised shade. While both lipsticks are similar in color, Teddy 2.0 offers a more comfortable wear and enhanced hydration. If you are a fan of the original Velvet Teddy shade and are considering switching to the Powder Kiss Lipstick, you can confidently make the leap without compromising your favorite shade.

MAC Cosmetics continues to deliver professional-quality makeup products that cater to current trends while maintaining their renowned standards. Whether you choose Velvet Teddy or Teddy 2.0, MAC ensures that you can experiment, express yourself, and find your signature look with their bold and pigmented makeup offerings.